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WorkStressMeter is based on the internationally ratified and validated Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire, which helps company leaders to get comprehensive feedback on how their employees feel about their organization.

The WorkStressMeter psychosocial risk assessment questionnaire is filled out completely anonymously. Companies participating in the survey are not required to provide any personal employee data for the survey.

After the company provides the number of employees and the organizational units under review, participating employees can fill out the survey to provide information broken down by unit (and further by age group, gender, and other factors) on:

  • Workplace requirements (performance quota, working pace, emotional pressure)
  • Organization and job description (scope of authority, growth potential, employee feedback on meaningfulness of work, employee engagement)
  • Cooperation and management (predictability, rewarding, recognition, clarity of job description, conflicting roles, quality of management, support from colleagues, workplace community)
  • Work-life balance (job satisfaction, work-family conflict)
  • Atmosphere of trust (confidence in leadership, mutual trust between colleagues, fairness and respect)
  • Health and wellbeing (self-assessment of health status, burnout, stress, sleep disorders)
  • Abuse and harassment (sexual harassment, threat of violence, physical abuse, bullying and intimidation)

By using the WorkStressMeter survey, your organization can meet legal requirements regarding psychosocial risk assessment, and also – in light of the results and harmonized with management expectations – receive suggestions for improvement in order to mitigate psychosocial risks, contribute to more efficient operation, keep employees on the workforce, and reduce their work-related stress levels.

The latest studies have underlined the negative effects of psychosocial risks as well as the fact that there are functional methods available to prevent upsetting the work-life balance of employees, maintain their satisfaction and ensure their productivity.